What I Do

Audio Production.  Event Facilitation. Technical Consultation.

Recording engineer, sound man, mix engineer, gopher, production manager, grip, technical director, carpenter, board op, network engineer, electrician, flunky.  I’ve been there and done that and I’m not afraid to do it again.  I’ve toured, built, rigged, mixed, dressed, designed, managed, rehearsed, and cleaned toilets.  It’s all part of my decades being enamored with putting on the show.  Starting on my first tour with the Replacements in 1984 I quickly learned of the magic that a good show can create.


Fully delivered live audio production.  Audio recording and mixing.  Music or dialog on location or in studio.  Jazz, Rock, Pop, Opera, Musical Theatre, I’ve done them all.  I will make your audience appreciate being at your show.


Production management. Cat herding. Deadlines met. Contract negotiations. Revolutions started. Wars fought. Peace treaties signed.  My title is TGWGTD – the guy who gets things done.


Having grown up in an analog world, migrating to digital has been a lifelong trip.  I come from experience that understands what technology was made to do.  I do infrastructure design and implementation.  I have depth in networking, storage, cloud computing, and collaboration suites.  I don’t re-invent the wheel. I invent new ways to use the wheel.