Who I Am

Bil MacLeslie

Production Expertise

At the impressionable age of 14 I was struck by the magic of working backstage.  No, I wouldn’t rather be onstage.  It is the technical aspects of theatre that intrigue me.  I have never felt the pull of the lime light – instead, I feel compelled to make theatre craft that the audience doesn’t realize is happening.

Bil MacLeslie

Don’t Dream It, Be It.

Richard O’Brien
Actor, Writer, Musician

Leaning Signal Flow


This is a few years after I discovered my love for mixing sound and working in entertainment.  I had just gotten off the road with the Jets and helped some friends record and mix their first album, the self titled Beat The Clock.

Kudos to John Robinson for capturing the moment for the archives.  This is early on working at Creation in Minneapolis. Mixing without automation, judicious use of effects. Plug-ins were something you did to extension cords.


As luck would have it, there was this crazy thing called the Internet and just a few years after 1989, I would go on to be a part of the Minneapolis Internet scene, starting and building VISI.com into a local leader in the Internet community.

But after 20 years of technology and being an Internet guy, I was thinking of other things I wanted to do.  I missed being part of a creative team that built magic on stage.  Here I am deep in consultation with a wise mentor trying to decide what I wanted from life.  The conversation centered around my questions about future opportunities, but Azalon kept wanting me to keep it real by brushing his coat.


In 2019 I was forced to make a decision.  My 9 to 5 life had abruptly changed and I dove head first back into live theatre.  My creative outlet was back and I embraced creating magic for audiences.  Since 2019 I have driven production for over 1000 performances.  The magic of theatre never gets old.  This is a shot at a local venue in between shows.


I’ve worked over the past decades to provide experiences for people that are memorable.  It often surprises me when audience members are upset because an artist doesn’t remember “that great show in 1994”.  If that show was great, and it went off without a hitch, then it was just a regular day at the office for that artist. That’s our job behind the scenes.  To make magic that happens on a regular basis, like a normal (boring) day at the office.  This photo is the end result of making magic for an arena show.